Issue 11, Page 4

4th Mar 2022, 7:54 AM

Issue 11, Page 4
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Brenda Marshall on 4th Mar 2022, 7:54 AM

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I think the biggest innovation of this page since it's original publication in January of 2000 is the addition of "cloud" brushes in paint programs! No more lumpy mashed-potato clouds!

Oh, and Dr. Destino died - and he has stayed dead for 22 years! I think this might be a record for comic books, what do you think?

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Skyangel on 4th Apr 2022, 2:58 PM

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I shan't miss Dr Destino but it would be nice to see these two become a couple ;)

Brenda Marshall on 7th Apr 2022, 9:00 AM

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Joey and Carrie? But they are sisters! :O

cdmalcolm1 on 28th Jul 2022, 8:28 PM

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That last panel is the most beautiful assets you’ve drawn. What color you used for the floor? It’s so booty-ful.

Guest on 3rd Aug 2022, 10:35 AM

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Thank you! The floor is just some shade of grey, but I think I used some other tones in the shading.

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