Issue 05, Page 4

5th Feb 2022, 4:27 PM

Issue 05, Page 4
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Brenda Marshall on 5th Feb 2022, 4:27 PM

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I've written this elsewhere before: I really cringe now that I named this evil villain/crime syndicate group "the Crew." Ugh! Could I not have picked a better, more original name?

Unfortunately they come back again and again... sigh. :p

Thanks for reading!

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cdmalcolm1 on 27th Jul 2022, 4:47 PM

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The Crew could be “The Corrupted Rogue Enlisted Warriors”.

Brenda Marshall on 28th Jul 2022, 8:32 AM

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Lol! We can ret-con this in. ;)

Guest on 28th Jul 2022, 6:28 PM

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You better….before someone takes it, lol. You just don’t know how long I was on this page trying to come up with a name.

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