What happens next???

posted by Brenda Marshall on 11th Feb 2023, 2:04 PM

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After 31 issues the Ponderous Woman came to its conclusion.

But that doesn't mean it was over...

The series The NEW Ponderous Woman takes place seven years following the events of PW #31. If you have enjoyed the PW you may want to check it out! I won't say any more, so as to avoid spoilers. ;)

The PW comics posted here have also been collected in three volumes, along with additional and new material. You can find them at - they are free downloads!

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate all of the feedback that I've received. And I hope you'll follow along with the New PW and my future series, too.


Meet Joey Stewart: the Ponderous Woman!

posted by Brenda Marshall on 22nd Jan 2022, 1:20 PM

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Welcome to the Ponderous Woman!

Quick history: I created some of these characters in high school, doodling in notebooks. In 1999 I started to post these comics online, back in the dark, early days of the World Wide Web. They were really crude but I learned a lot. About digital art, how to setup a website, and even a little about writing and drawing. This original PW series ran for 31 issues, finishing in 2003. I went on to do other comics, which I will get to posting once I am done fixing up these oldest issues. I just don't want to lose the history/continuity - as cheesy and silly and nonsensical as it may be!

Joey Stewart, her sister Carrie, and their friend Claire Willison were all reluctant super-powered heroes in my comics. But with a twist - there was very little violence/fighting, and little super-heroing, to be honest. I attempted to ground the characters and stories in their own reality. In my most recent series, "Michelle's Diary," the lead characters find a way to rid themselves of their super abilities, desiring to focus on living normal lives.

It is also worth noting that I am both an FA and a BBW. FA is short for "Fat Admirer" and BBW is "Big Beautiful Woman" (aka: fat). The body acceptance/plus-size movement was just on the cusp of really starting when I started making comics, and fat characters were only represented in the most stereotypical ways. So fat and weight themes took center stage in my book (maybe you could tell from the title? ;). While the character of Faith had appeared in Harbinger comics by then I suspect, it wasn't for another decade that people would really take note and she would get her own mainstream comic book title.

As I post my comics in more-or-less chronological order, I hope you will notice the improvement and progression in them. I hope some of you will feel a little bit for my characters of what I do - they've been with me for over twenty years now, and I do think of them often! And most of all I can't wait to share new stories with you.

Cheers! Brenda.